The Brain

I listened today to the newest FiB podcast. This time dr. Marc Peltier was interviewing Dr. Justin Sanchez from Department of Neurology, University of Florida. Normally I am not particularly interested in neurology but this podcast was just amazing. Dr. Sanchez works on creating an interface connecting neural system with electronical devices. This seems like an idea stright from Neuromancer - a typical cyberpunk gimmick. But it opens a new exciting ways of creating prosthetics for disabled people. In short electronical device can read neural impulses and translates it into the actions performed by a cyberarm or cyberleg or cyberwhatever! On top of that it can be use for medical telemetry, i.e remote monitoring of the patient's health.
The interview with dr. Sanchez is just briliant - a definite must listen for anyone interested in science or SF. This podcast was a nicely timed with a recent news on cybernetic monkeys. Truly, we are living in a fascinating times!

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