Podcasts you might like

I decided to compile a short list of my favorite podcats in different categories.
So here it is, enjoy!


Most of the podcasts I listen deal with science, the winner of this category is:
"Radiolab", which presents science topics in a fascinating way. It is simple, funny and engaging. This is a show made by a professional radio station so the quality is top notch. My favorite show was on Parasites (aired on 080909).
If you want to be on top of the hot science news I recommend “Nature” podcasts. They present results of cracking research published by the “Nature” journal. It is more technical than Radiolab but a must for serious science geeks.

Short stories

This is a hard category – there is a few podcasts that I absolutely love but one is closest to my heart -
Escapepod - a fantastic selection of best short science fiction stories. My favorite is Ted Chiang's “Exhalations”(episode 194).
The most funny podcast that I have to mention is “Drabblecast”. It is weird and wonderful.


Here the winner is Hardcore History - The ghosts of Ostfront episodes were simply amazing.


Well, guess what – of course I had to pick Dice Tower. Tom and his co-hosts are very knowledgeable and they put hell of a show if you are into Boardgaming hobby.

RPG games

This is hard. There are many but I like Yog-Sothoth the most. It deals with Call of Cthulhu and all the things Lovercraft and is done with zest and unmatched British humor.
I would be unjust if I did not mention other that I loved but sadly are now defunct - “Durham 3” that taught me a lot about Indie gaming and “Sons of Kryos” - a lot of good RPG advice. On the brighter note “The game master show ”seems to do a fine job. Finally, I will mention “The voice of the revolution” that presents all the weird and wonderfull Indie games.


This is a topic close to my heart. Popularization of science and fighting the anti-science is important and interesting subject. My beloved podcast in this category is “The skeptic guide to the universe” - made by intelligent, competent and most importantly funny crew. I love their interesting discussions on current scientific progress and controversies. They did a great reporting on a “climate gate” and their quizzes are really challenging. Listen to it even if you think you do not like science.
I have to mention here also “Skepticality” - they were one of the first podcasts I started to listen to and I still have them in a high regard.

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