I am a keen listener to many podcasts. I love Nature or Sc-Fri for their serious scientific content, FLOSS weekly for the possibility to look under the hood of Open Source projects. Then there are podcasts with audio stories. Today I would like to share with you a beautiful story presented in the Escape Pod. This year Hugo nominee "Exhalation" by Ted Chang is a remarkable piece of prose and the audio version narrated by Ray Sizemore is simply splendid. I feel deeply touched by the cold, slow paced narration in the form of a letter written by a scientists. I am amazed by the fact that Chang presented a story about a scientific discovery, in fact a most fundamental rule of physics in such a way that it enables the reader to wonder about a human nature. This is why I love Science Fiction. It gives me hope that Golden Age of my beloved literature did not come to pass but it continues and will bring more wonder into this world.

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