A bunch of gaming reviews

Here are my thoughts on couple of RPG materials that I have been reading recently:
GURPS: Espionage - I cannot recommend this book enough. GURPS indeed deserves it's reputation of having well researched materials in a form that can be used for gaming. This particular gem allows putting espionage, counterintelligence and different covert ops in your campaign. Not only it contains usual assortment of gadgets, character templates and such but also incredible amount of real histories of spy rings and operations. I love the section describing different espionage operations and the discussion how you can you can introduce espionage into different campaigns. Again, this being GURPS it is not something ready to play. But if you are willing to come up with scenarios of your own it is excellent!
GURPS: Cliffhangers - A very well written sourcebook full of ideas. Although written for GURPS it can be used for any other system. It contains a time line of thirties, a seizable geographical sections dealing with possible adventure ideas for a given country, there is of course an equipment table, templates of adventurers, chock-full of scenario seeds, a section on scenario design and creation of memorable villains and more. Altogether an excellent supplement for GM. It has characteristic GURPSy "dryness" - i.e. no fluff and no imposed ideas. It is a toolkit for people who want to develop their own ideas. Big thumbs up!
I wreszcie coś po polsku - doskonały dodatek wypuszczony przez wydawnictwo Gramel:
Sensacja i Przygoda - Pulpowy podręcznik, który przeczytałem po GURPS: Cliffhangers, tym razem do mechaniki Savage Worlds. Mam wrażenie, że jest luźniejszy, mniej w nim suchych informacji, więcej klimatu. W jakimś sensie oba te podręczniki się uzupełniają. Szczególnie przypadły mi do gustu sekcje dotyczące Polski, w szczególności wywiadu. Za spory plus uważam generator przygód. Z drugiej strony przeszkadzają literówki i drobne błędy (np w tabelce broni). Ogólnie nie ma się jednak co czepiać. Dobra pozycja i do tego po polsku!