A review of "Adventures" by Mike Resnick

Last week, while I was browsing through an excellent SFsignal webpage I happened to stumble upon a name of Mike Resnick. Few minutes later I was reading his bio on Wikipedia and remembering Kirinyaga and other short stories published in Nowa Fantastyka, years ago when I still subscribed it. I decided I will listen to some interviews with him and afterwards I set my eyes at his book called "Adventures" - a collection of stories about reverend doctor Lucifer Jones and his quest to build tabernacle of Saint Luke. It is a short book taking place in Africa in the 1920-1930 period that is sparse on description but rich in amusing dialogs between Lucifer and people he meets there. "Adventures" is a story about a con-man that somehow always menages to get the short end of the stick and falls on his back, yet always stands up, dusts him self and continuous trudging on through the hardships of life.
I was laughing hard several times while reading and if you want something light, say while traveling, I am sure this book will be worth your time. If you like Terry Prattchet "Discworld" or even better "Three men in the boat" be Jerome K. Jerome - you should give Lucifer Jones a try. See a world through eyes of a man of the cloth (and all this) that tries to convert "godless heathens" in the Dark Continent.

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