Runebound massacre

Another weekend, another game. This week we have been playing "Runebound" - an adventure game form Fantasy flight games, in which players are taking upon themselves roles of brave heroes that try to stop the mighty Dragon Lords from destroying a land of Terrinoth.
As usual, Runebound took us enormous amount of time. We played it with three players, one new to the game, and it took us over 4 h. to finish it. Not your typical party game...
It was quite a fun - killing monsters, collecting money and buing stuff. Diablo of a bordgames, really.
We played with three female characters - an assassin, a runewitch and last, but not least, Red Scorpion, a character with equal skills in each attribute and five hit points, as opposed to four for other players. The only downside of the Red Scorpion, also known as Sister Tittie, was relatively low damage value. The fact that we had only female characters and my wife and our friend Ania have a frivolous sense of humor led to some shockingly bad jokes about methods of enemie distraction...

The game started bad for Ania, whose character was knocked-out three times during the game , due to the bad rolls, causing her to be relatively weaker than our characters.
Unfortunately I feel like a worst munchkin after the game. I have created a monster. I have seen this before, when playing with our other friend. He whipped our backsides terribly creating very powerful combination of magical artifacts.
So did I. Not only I had a really good rolls, but I had also collected some really nifty stuff. One I really liked was a Fetching Imp - a familiar allowing me to buy and sell things without visiting the cities. Few well aimed bombs were also quite useful. Funny thing is that I did not had any very strong weapon, except Soul Rune at the end of the game. I have advanced so quickly, that by the end of the game I had 12 in all skills, meaning that I was automatically hitting most of the yellow challenges. Truth, I had one attack per turn with only two attacks, and I did not posses any "Before Combat" artifacts, but allies filled gaps pretty nicely. I must stress that point - allies are critical. For example I had an Accolyte of the Flame - the useless ally worth one gold coin. But he could soak a damage, and near the end of the game he was able to survive two turns against some terribly powerful dragon and even hurt him a little! I admit that was a sheer luck, but still it is better than facing such a creature alone.
So I won. Not very sporty of me, but it happens. And I am rather glad.
Here are some pictures.

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